Visitors will be impressed by my porcelain

My little sister S is coming to town. I somehow convinced my inhospitable babysitter to let her stay here.  He said as long as we aren’t here on the morning when he sleeps. So I have to find us something to do.

I cleaned the house up. More woman stuff! My babysitters toilet is gross. I tried to clean it before and none of the stains around the rim came off. How the heck does crap and pee get suck way under the rim?  Anyway my babysitter said to use pumice stone. It works! Takes forever and makes a horrible sound scrapping against the porcelain but now it’s clean! I don’t have to be disgusted when I use my own bathroom!!!

Lesson to learn: get rid of nasty toilet stains with pumice stone.


4 1/2 hours later —> lasagna

I made this!!! Yes me! The same girl who has ruined eggs! I made lasagna!

lasagna lasagna 2

I don’t usually eat lasagna but a friend at work said it was easy to make. It’s not. Well maybe it is if you use canned sauce but I wanted to really cook and using store brought sauce is cheating.  So I made everything on my own! I was so proud of myself. It came out tasting ok. Ok? Well it’s not the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted but it is the best lasagna I’ve ever made (yes, it’s the only one I’ve ever made).


The recipe says it takes 3 hours and 15 min but it took me about 4 and a half. All the chopping and mixing and stirring and coming back to the recipe to make sure I’m doing it right is what took up the most time.  But when it was all finished I’m happy with it! Yay!!!!


I want to do more…. Women stuff so this is the start.

Whats with brand names?

Spring break is over and now I’m doing homework again. I hate my life. Anyway, interesting topic in our online group discussion for microeconomics and I thought i would share it with everyone.

Why is brand loyalty so powerful among consumers?

I want to answer that  It basically says, “hey I paid a lot of money for this look at me I’m so cool” but I don’t think the teacher is looking for a smarty pants answer but I got nothing else!

Just going to wait to see what other people post first….

Frizzy Lizzy update

Frizzy Lizzy update

Hey its been cold outside and my babysitter doesn’t complain about it! He does about… my facial hair… so I get my face and my Brazilian wax but no legs or arm pits. Warm weather is coming so I’ll have to attack these legs!


Short term fix of pansy’s and blogging

I went to my…. Crazy doctor yesterday. I told her how I cry out work and she said I should get short-term disability. I’m hesitant to do it. I feel like I would be taking advantage of the system. But at the same time I’ve been getting in trouble for unplugging from my work phone because I’ve been crying so much.

My babysitter is so annoyed with me. I know why he feels that way. He thinks I’m just a lazy cry baby. And to be honest that is what I am but I can’t stop my crying! But I want to take the time. When I told my crazy doctor she said the only bad thing about short-term disability is that you have to go back. So that sucks. I just want to have a job where I’m happy!

I’ve been trying to put out more resumes. I’ve been keeping track. Since Wednesday I’ve put out 23 applications. I got a no from one of them just two days after. How can they decide so quickly? But then again I wish they all got back to me that quickly so then I don’t have to be wondering all this time. I know I’ve sent out dozens and dozens of applications and I’m sure some are still floating around and I’m here waiting for any sign that any one of those companies have the slightest interest in me. Its… pathetic…


One thing that does help is gardening. Thank God winter is almost over. Its been sunny where I live so I brought some pansy’s. They are my favorite flower. When I saw the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland the scene where she talks with the flowers stuck with me. The pansy’s look like little kids and I still see those faces when I see the flower. I even sing the song golden afternoon song :). Next I’m going to buy some daffodils.

Another thing that helps is this. Writing. Have you noticed I’ve been posting more? I like to write poetry and short stories. I haven’t done it in a long time but lately I’ve been getting ideas for stories or the perfect image. I was advised not to post any of that on the blog though. But doing it helps. A lot.

Soy Mocha

I’m not a coffee snob but I am lactose intolerance. I usually just drink lactose anyway but today I didn’t want to run to the bathroom. I ordered a soy mocha from Starbucks. Thirty minutes later… I’m sure it wasn’t soy… 


Sorry I know its gross! But I thought it was funny and wanted to share LOL

“I mean its crazy, we finish each others” “sandwiches”


Homework and résumés

A little more than a week into this goal thing. Its OK. Some days i still stay in bed all day but, on the days i don’t, I feel a lot more productive and end up having free time. I still had to do all my homework last minute so this week I definitely need to do more homework during the week instead of my days off.

I had my interview on Tuesday then I got a computer generated email on Friday saying that I didn’t get it.

Today I cried again at work. I credited an account $88.50 and the customer still wanted more and proceeded to yell at me. I’ve learned that people are really spoiled and that I need to put a lot more résumés out then I am now because I still don’t have another job.

Great Acting

Back story if you don’t read all my blogs since the very first day (come on get over yourself you only have 100 followers). I watch Netflix like crazy! Usually a series and I watch like a whole season in 2 or 3 days. I’ve been watching Malcolm in the Middle. I remember seeing it when I was younger and I wanted to start it from the beginning to follow all the characters. I’m loving it! On season 6 by the end of the night I’ll probably start season 7 and finish it. Wow I’m so lame….

Anyway my babysitter watches it with me sometimes because its not really a show that you have to watch from the beginning.

He says,”cool Heisenberg”

I think, “ummmm…. What?”

he reads my mind, “that’s the same actor Brian Cranston”

I’m seriously blown away. Hats off to Brian Cranston. His acting is so good I can’t even tell that Hal and Walter are the same guy because the characters are so different! Just thought I would share that with my 100 followers. Image


New Years resolutions suck!!! I didn’t finish mine that I had, well I still have all year lol . But I wanted to start making monthly goals. I can make them tie in with the resolutions.  I have been using google newstand and I love it! I’ve been reading about how people get successful and happy and what not. Makes goals is one of them. I’m going to try and do this every month and check back on it. This is like the first time trial run


  • Make lunch
    • I buy stuff to make my lunch then I let it rot in the fridge while I’m going to carls jr.
      • I’m going to  put alarm on my phone every day reminding me to make my lunch


  • Get up
    • I wake usually around noon but then I stay in bed till 2 just staring at my phone (part of that time is my google newstand!!! How ironic that the thing that is helping me become a better person is also the thing that makes me waste all my time in bed!).
      • Same thing alarm on my phone. One to wake up and then another one about 30 minutes later to get up


  • Do stuff
    • At the end of the week I’m shocked that I’ve done absolutely nothing. Then , especially with homework, I’m frantically trying to do everything last minute. Even if  I don’t have anything to do I want to say that I did something all week!
      • Work on the back yard. I’ve been doing that on my days off and its fun
      • Do homework!!! I want to do one thing school related everyday.
      • Apply for more jobs
      • Make a to do list everyday and put stuff on calendar appointments

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