Sketchy Job….

With the new job I have been going to bed at like 10  PM! That super early for me and for my boyfriend who works a grave yard shift.


I just typed boyfriend instead of babysitter… I guess we are at that stage now..


Anyway, other than my sleeping patterns there are some things about the job I’m a little unsure about.  Monday will be the start of my 3rd week so no longer in training and I’ll be all by myself. Within the two weeks I’ve been there three people have quit! One is including the girl who is training me and she says they do have a high turn around rate. Not so happy about that… I’m wondering if the company is so bad that people just leave or if the boss is so bad or… who knows!? All the positions except mine are paid off of commission so I’m thinking it has something to do with that.


I did get yelled at by one of them. And it wasn’t even my fault. The admin position that I got requires that I do payroll and that got messed up and I got yelled at for it. The girl who is training me is sooooooo…. umm… dumb isn’t the right word but she is something like that. Anyway she is the one who talked to our payroll person not me so really I didn’t make any mistake but still got yelled at. Whatever I don’t really care because it’s not a mistake that I made.


Come Monday I really have to see if I can do this job because no one will be there to help me anymore. The other people who work there don’t really know the admin position so I’m alone on this.


I’ve been watching so many YouTube videos just on being a good admin because I really really really want to do good in this position. If anything just to get a better admin position but really just to prove to myself I can do it. I’ve always wanted an office job! When I was little I remember writing out forms on paper and handing them out just because I saw business women doing it. My favorite character on The Rugrats was Angelica’s Mom. She was the only parent that seemed to have an actual job (well I think Susie’s mom was a Doctor but what the heck did everyone else do?).

Anyway I’ll hope Monday I remember everything they tried to train me on!


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