Hairy Bikini

not me! Its on the website for the place I get waxed.

not me! Its on the website for the place I get waxed.

It’s that time again. Ugh I got to wax! We are taking a trip to the lake this weekend and I got to wear my bikini so that means I have to get it all off! Yesterday I got my full body wax. The only thing I don’t wax is my legs and my arm pits. Legs I think just because I shave them so much the hair won’t come off. I’ve tried before and it was really worthless because only the thin hairs on my legs came off and most of them are so thick. Also because getting your shins waxed is super painful! Same reasons for the armpits.

It’s about $230 to do this but if your hairy like me than of course I think its worth it. Now I can wear my bikini and not have to worry about my hairy stomach or back. I should have taken a before picture :\


Frizzy Lizzy update

Frizzy Lizzy update

Hey its been cold outside and my babysitter doesn’t complain about it! He does about… my facial hair… so I get my face and my Brazilian wax but no legs or arm pits. Warm weather is coming so I’ll have to attack these legs!


A bunch of random updates to my life

Frizzy Lizzy update part 3

In My Frizzy Lizzy post I said that I wanted to start being girly and taking care of myself but… that didn’t happen. Last night I thought it might have something to do with my other embarrassing problem. I feel so… unattractive. When I first started seeing my babysitter I was so girly and dressed up and did my hair and makeup. Now I’m just blah unless on the rare occasion we go out. But maybe getting myself all pretty for no reason will get my juices flowing.

Fitness?  Yeah right

Again I stopped working out because I’m a lazy bum I guess.  This probably contributes to my problem as well as the Frizzy Lizzy does because I don’t feel pretty any more. My schedule for work is changing (swing shift) so I should be able to work out before work now, but as far as the motivation to actually do it.. We’ll see. But I guess I, have to because I’m sure it will help with my problem. If I lose some weight I’ll feel more sexier!

No more relationship drama

Me and my babysitter are fine. We just kind of talked about things and everything was fine.

Yes I go to school

This semester is surprisingly easy. Usually online classes are harder for me but not this class. I’m majoring in business if you forgotten because its been forever since I blogged about school. The class I’m taking now is business law and it’s actually interesting! It will still take me forever to finish since I only take one class at a time though.

Age 22 on the outside 43 in my mind

With my little sister in town last week I felt… lame. She is 17 and she parties more than me. I’m 22 and stay at home every night and just watch TV with my babysitter. I think he actually goes out more than I do! I need to go out more. This sounds totally bad but I need to drink more. I don’t want to be lame but at the same time I want to be… responsible. Can you do both?

Cha ching!

I’ve run out of money! Well not really, but I don’t know what happened to a lot of it.  I have really good credit, and because of that my credit limit keeps getting increased. So I started using my credit card more because I didn’t want to spend all of the money in my bank account. Now I’m thinking bad idea. I don’t know what the heck I brought over only 2 weeks but now I have to pay back about 1000$ including my regular bills…. Great that kind of means I can’t go out.


So there are all my updates. I really want to try to write more than I do now just because I started this blog to improve my writing. I don’t’ think it’s even approved 😦


An intro to the sisters part 2

For fathers day all of my sisters are coming in from out of town. You have already heard a lot about my little sister S with her sexual dilemma. But you still need to meet my other two.

My oldest sister is 28. We can call her A. She is my dads first child. Her mom was apparently very jealous of my mom because my crazy dad was seen them both at the same time. Anyway the point is we don’t have the same mom.

I’ve said this many times and my other sisters get mad at me but its the truth: A is the nicest sister. She is very kind hearted. She always wants to help with something and she is very loving ❤

She has two little girls ages 10 and 7 (the older one just started her period btw!). They have different dads and it didn’t work out with either of them. But A did get married to another man two years ago… and now they want a divorce…

I was talking with my sister about that and really understood what she was going through. No one wanted her to marry the guy and no one really liked him but she loved him. She said she thought if she did everything right, meaning taking an oath in front of God in the church and having a beautiful wedding, everything would just work out.

That is a good lesson to learn right there!

One other thing I want to mention about A. She has the Frizzy Lizzy problem too. More than me! I don’t think i mentioned it in the original Frizzy Lizzy post but basically my whole body is covered in hair! I hate it but at least I can relate with A.

Well that’s a quick story of A. I love her so much!


Craving The Invite / Clean Your Room / Frizzy Lizzy

I’m friends with this girl at work. We’ve exchanged numbers and had lunch together and I’ve always thought of all the people I work with she was the one I was closest to. Not to say that I’m BFF’s with her or anything.

Anyway the other day, on a flipping Tuesday of all days, she invites this guy to go out with her and her friends right in front of me. Then I hear her asking other people… I don’t get asked…

some random pic I found when I googled pathetic. Totally fits right?

some random pic I found when I googled pathetic. Totally fits right?

I feel like I’m a high school kid crazing the invite to a high school dance from a boy I’m crushing on. How pathetic is it that I compare her to a boy I crush on? I wanted to go soooo bad and I felt so… umm I don’t know how to explain it. Uncool? looserish? Heck I’ll even say lonely!

To her defense I had been sick; very noticeably sick. Sneezing and blowing my nose like a trumpet. I figured that is why she didn’t ask me. Honestly, if she did ask me I probably would have still went.  She could have said, “I know your sick but if you want/can stop by”.

Anyways, I just went to my babysitters after work like I’ve been doing basically everyday. I was just there now but he works in the morning so I just came home. I do pay to live here which is crazy because I’m never here and the electric bill is still 165$. (yes I put the $ sign behind the number, I’ve been told I do this wrong my whole life. why put it in the front if its read one hundred and sixty five dollars not dollars a hundred and sixty five. Its my blog I’ll write it how I want!) I don’t think splitting it is really fair, she is obviously using more than I am. No way I’ll get the confidence to tell her that.Clean-your-room

In reference to my uncomfortable at home blog; I’m cleaner but my house isn’t. I really need to grow up and actually clean my room and bathroom! I remember this book when I was a kid. I had a whole series of them called “what to do when your mom or dad says…” The one I’m thinking about “clean your room”. I recently brought it on Ebay because I miss having them even though I’m 22 and I should know how to do it by now! But seriously! I need to make a to do list and stick to it! If my babysitter works every other weekend then I should at least clean my house every other weekend right?

Oh and just a quick frizzy lizzy update (original here, follow up one here) I forgot about that too. I want to say its because I’ve been sick but its not… I’m just lazy! I’ve been sporting no makeup for probably 3 weeks now. I shave when I can which is hardly ever, but with spring starting next week I’ll have to get on that!

If I haven’t set the tone yet let me tell you pain. Not  happy with my life now. I’m supposed to be learning how to be a grown up girl not how to be a slob with no friends!

Frizzy Lizzy Update

I did not mention in the other post that I absolutely hate shaving birthday girlmy legs!

Tonight I took the night off of work (my last week by the way) to celebrate my 22nd birthday. The first thing I do to get ready is shower of course; and in the shower I shave my legs. I end up taking an hour shower!

When I tell other girls how long it takes me to shave my legs they freak out. Am I missing something or am I  just super hairy!

The wasted time isn’t the only thing that I hate about shaving my legs. Check this out!

shaved legs

<—-That is my leg after I shaved. If you were to touch my legs they would feel very smooth. But when you see them, they looks like I didn’t shave at all! You can see all the black hairs from underneath my skin!

I’ve tried waxing my legs but it is totally useless because I’ve shaved them sooo much over my life they are to thick for the wax to pick up. I want to do laser hair removal (I’m doing it too my arm pits) but it’s very expensive. So for now I have to have smooth feeling legs but not smooth looking ones :/

I did get my face waxed though. Looks much better.


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