Not so Exciting Interview

I got an interview on Monday! Well… It’s with a temp agency so not really real employment , but hey anything to get away from the customer abuse! I should be happy I even got considered.

I had to take an excel test and I only got one answer wrong so that’s good! When I go in on Monday I also have to take a personality test. I hate those. Of course I answer honestly so if they don’t pick me it’s like… ugh sorry for being myself?


Side note, my sister S got me to start watching Gossip Girl and its ridiculous! If my future kids are anything like that I’ll probably be in jail for beating my kids. How can kids be so ungrateful? But then again here I am complaining about an interview with a temp agency and at the same time crying about the job I have… hmmmm


Lesson to Learn : Gratefulness


got the job

My recent post about job interview questions was ended on a very low note.But I have good news.


oddly enough, after two phone interviews and one face to face interview, the weakness question didn’t come up.

I prepared for the interview as much as I could and found this youtube video to be extremely helpful.

While preparing for the interview I did discover many weaknesses. Not only work related but also very personal ones. But that’s okay.

Weaknesses are a starting point to self improvement.

what weakness?


I want to prepare myself for an interview tomorrow and I’m scared about the inevitable weakness question.

The truth is always an option. But I honestly don’t know how to answer that question. Ugh what’s wrong with me? I sound so selfish and conceded. I have to have a weakness.

The more I write the more I realize I really don’t like the person I am.  I have never thought about my weakness because I never thought I had any.

Should I answer that I’m selfish and conceded….?

I started writing this blog about being excited for the job interview…

What a downer….

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