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I’ve been really enjoying the new job. Extremely low stress 🙂 and easy. I don’t think its sketchy anymore just… into business only and making money.. But anyway  I don’t understand why the girl before me made it sound like it’s such a hard job. She is still so bitter towards the company. She filed for unemployment and figures the administrative assistant handles unemployment paper work. Then Today she called me and left a voicemail and said she is suing the company and lawyers think its best if we didn’t talk at all. I’m thinking thank God! All she ever did was say negative things to me and that I should quit as soon as I can. But NO WAY!!! Like I said before I want to stick it out and get all the experience I can from this. They are paying me pennies but Admins can be paid as much as $16 an hour and even more if you’re an executive assistant.


The new job has had me shaving my legs a lot. I have to dress professionally at all times so I’ve had to do some shopping.  I got some nice blazers and business dresses and skirts. I just need shoes but that will have to wait until pay-day. But anyway this summer fizzy Lizzy isn’t going to be a problem.


I won a contest! Can you believe that! What are the odds?! I got a kindle fire HD. I used to think I would never get a kindle and I was so against any kind of eReader because books are the way to go and if we don’t keep books everyone will be dumb and never read ever. But I love this thing! It does have a ton of books for free they have a ton of TV series.  Ok maybe I don’t use it as a eReader as much as I should be. But anyway I love this I can download episodes so it saves and then you can watch it even if you’re not online. I started watching The Sopranos. I’m on season 3 and I think I might have to stop because I’ve started saying the “F” word! I never cuss!!! But the series is soooo good!


Another thing I want to mention I downloaded an app called “the Fabulous” and I think it’s really helping. It just gives you little reminders to do good things like eat breakfast and drink water.


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