finally a job!

Yay I finally got a job!


Funny thing is I now work for a staffing agency. They were trying to find a job for me but ended up hiring me on with them! But im happy I found one and its for an administrative assistant which is what I wanted to do! I’ve only worked one week tomorrow starts my second week. I’m technically still in training but the job send pretty easy.

I have to get used to waking up early and not sleeping at 3am. And I had to buy some good work clothes. Never realized they were so expensive! But its a good investment because I’ll use them at different jobs in the future.

I want to be positive but I do have some things to say about this new job. It seems the company has a high turn around rate. Someone just quit on Friday and the girl who is training me is leaving and seems a little bitter towards the company! MostĀ of the people there have only been there a few months.

With the position I would have to do payroll and in a staffing agency everyone (except my position of course) works on commission. So something about the previous admin making a mistake on the payroll. Of course it made everyone mad. The previous admin insists that she is not leaving on bad terms but all last week all I heard was bad talk about the company.

But like I said I want to be positive about all this and I want to stick it out. This is the job I wanted and have been looking for so I should shut up!


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