Hairy Bikini

not me! Its on the website for the place I get waxed.

not me! Its on the website for the place I get waxed.

It’s that time again. Ugh I got to wax! We are taking a trip to the lake this weekend and I got to wear my bikini so that means I have to get it all off! Yesterday I got my full body wax. The only thing I don’t wax is my legs and my arm pits. Legs I think just because I shave them so much the hair won’t come off. I’ve tried before and it was really worthless because only the thin hairs on my legs came off and most of them are so thick. Also because getting your shins waxed is super painful! Same reasons for the armpits.

It’s about $230 to do this but if your hairy like me than of course I think its worth it. Now I can wear my bikini and not have to worry about my hairy stomach or back. I should have taken a before picture :\


As Told by Ginger: Frizzy Lizzy

ImageRemember the nickelodeon cartoon “As Told by Ginger”?

This was my favorite show when I was I kid. I really thought watching it would make me cool and I wanted to be just like the popular girl (I forget the names). There is an episode that reveals a secret about how Ginger doesn’t shave her legs. The mean girl threaten to tell the whole school about it.

When I was younger and watching the show this was my secret too! I was probably in my pre-teens or teens but all of my other friends shaved. I tired shaving my legs but I cut myself so much that I didn’t like doing and I only did it when I knew someone would see my legs; like when I went swimming or gym class freshman year. Flash forward to the present and not much has changed.

When I started seeing my babysitter (that’s what I call my boyfriend, I’ll explain why in some other post) I would shave my legs and arm pits and have a full face and Brazilian wax. I would always look my best for him. After being with him for almost two years I’ve gotten extremely comfortable with him.

For one I stopped the waxing. Since I moved out on my own I can’t really afford it. It’s not like I have a wild jungle down there; I keep the hair trimmed pretty short.


As for my legs… I feel bad to say I don’t do it that often. I try and do it when I know I’m going to see him but sometimes he wants to see me spontaneously and I don’t have time to so I don’t. He says he doesn’t mind… but I know he would rather have shaved legs.

One night he says he wants me to go over and I say, “Ok let me go home first to shave my legs” and he told me not to. He said only I was going to see  him so it wouldn’t it matter.  I think that’s when I started going downhill.

Now I don’t wear makeup or dress up or shave my legs. I don’t like this conformity! I used to think that guys can never see girls like that in their natural untouched state. The funny thing is I used to love dressing up for him! I love dressing up in general! But lately I’ve just sported the plane Jane look. Even going out in public without makeup and with my glasses! Which before would be totally unheard of!

I have decided as of today I will try harder! If I don’t…I know it’s stupid but… won’t he just find another that will dress up for him? I should celebrate my femininity!

I don’t know if it’s our relationship or my complete lack of cash flow, but either way I want to start getting hot for my man!

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